🚀 June-July Development Update

Your drafts are safe. LetterDesk is getting ready for lift off.

Zaymon @ LetterDesk, August 2021

Hey there. Welcome back to the LetterDesk blog!

It's been a busy couple of months behind the scenes getting LetterDesk ready for invite early access. I’ve built some big features in the last couple of months, and put a lot of development effort into tying up loose ends to give you a seamless experience come launch day.

New landing page!

If you haven't seen it already, checkout out www.letterdesk.app to see the new landing page. It's powered by the same code and user interface components that the rest of the app is made with!

Syncing Draft Editor

As soon as I began writing in an early prototype of the LetterDesk editor it became apparent to me that it needed the ability to save and sync drafts. In LetterDesk your drafts are safe. Whenever you finish typing we sync the new changes to our servers for safe keeping. This way you can take a few days to get that letter just right before sending it off, without worrying about losing your progress.

A gif demonstrating the syncing draft editor

Your Writing Desk

I've created a space in that app where you can view new letters, manage your drafts and look through your archive.

An image showing the new writing desk

Mobile Support

A lot of work has been put into making sure every view will look right on mobile. Don't feel chained down. Read letters, review drafts, send invitations and compose your thoughts from anywhere you can take your phone.

An image showing mobile support

Safety for everyone

It's my mission to create a platform that lets people communicate in a place that they feel safe in. As the platform matures I intend to work with the LetterDesk community to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. Some initial measures I've taken are:

  • Pals can only be added through invitations. You won't be contacted by any Nigerian princes in need of financial aid (unless you've invited one).
  • You can only send 3 letters to someone per 48 hour time period. This gives everyone time to breath and process letters at a pace more conducive to thoughtful and respectful communication.

If you have any suggestions or resources on how to make LetterDesk a wonderful place to be, please reach out to me.

What’s next?

I’m on the home stretch. LetterDesk is nearly ready for invite only early access. I’m currently building out the system to get everyone’s early access invitations to them when we launch.

How do I get an invitation?

There are two ways to ensure that you get an invitation to LetterDesk when we launch. The first is make sure you’re subscribed here on Substack. The second is to join the waitlist here: waitlist.letterdesk.app

If you want to keep hearing about the development of LetterDesk please consider subscribing: