Letter writing for the cosy web.

Write like you mean it.

LetterDesk gives you the time and place to communicate your thoughts, feelings, stories and ideas with others without the pressure of instant messaging.

A lost art.

Once letters were our most intimate and important form of communication.
LetterDesk is here to rekindle the romance of handwriting and forge human connection.

Built on solid ground.


Random delivery times.

LetterDesk waits a few days before delivering your letter, just like good 'ol snail mail!

Conversation unchained.

Write a lot. When it suits you. Don't get stuck babysitting your phone to progress a conversation.


No read receipts. Ever.

LetterDesk takes the pressure off. Wait until you're ready to write a considered response.


Slower communication, deeper relationships.

Revive the nostalgia and depth of hand-written letters. LetterDesk is the pen pal letter writing app that lets you go deep.


Dark Theme.

LetterDesk is gentle on your eyes when you're writing at night.

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Syncing Drafts

Your drafts are automatically saved and synced. Never worry about losing a letter. Take the time you need to compose something heartfelt.

People *really* like LetterDesk.

“I've come to associate LetterDesk with rest, peaceful weekends, deep thoughts.”

“These letters are the perfect medium to explore thoughts on my book(s) and articles.”

“This user experience is. so. damn. smooth. I love this elegant, minimalist design. I also love that it really does mimic the little details of snail-mail.”

“It's quite amazing how the anxiety that prevented me from even opening the app washed away the moment I loaded up the site. I can feel my customary verbosity and pomp begin to flow again.”